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Cue Mariah Carey's "Fantasy"
There is a saying in Spanish that I truly love and live by:
"Porque no los dos?"  meaning, "Why not both?"

Never should you have to choose between an artist or a tried and a professional – Bless the Gemini in me, you get both. I will direct you, creating the artistically editorial portraits of your dreams,  making moments in to art. But I will also give you space. Space to love, space to laugh, space to cry, space to enjoy this very moment that is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Porque no los dos? Your gallery will be a beautiful balance of all the details and all the feels from a wild celebration on the dance floor to the "holy shit, this belongs in a magazine!" moments. Your job is to enjoy your day. My job is to memorialize it so you can share that joy with the world for years to come. These aren't just visuals, these are the proof of presence of your wildest dreams. 

both the feeling and the fantasy


Nostalgia in  Color / Editorial Imagery /  All My Love / Intentional & Honest Storytelling / Professionalism / Calm Therapy / Your Personal Hype Woman / A Creeper Paparazzi/ Mood Setter / A Damn Good Time

what not to expect

what to expect

Discrimination Of Any Kind / Cheesy Posing / Lackluster Imagery / Orange Skin Tones (you know what I'm talking about) / Bad Vibes

all about
the benjamins baby

+ Creative engagement session
+ custom wedding day photo timeline
+ My Guide to Epic Photos Handbook
+ Highlight Video
+ family shot list curation
+ custom lover's playlist
+Average of 500 perfectly edited photos
+ online gallery with print rights
+ no holds bar to all my love & expertise

what's included

It's not about timeframe, or package, it's about experience. And I want to make sure that yours is a magical one, completely custom and catered to you. I will direct you, but also give you space to enjoy your day. I care about your story and how you want it to be remembered. I've shot a lot of weddings, let's makes yours, yours. 


wedding pricing
begins at $7k

+ open Air Photo-booth
+ unlimited downloads
+ Print Options

what's included

A party favor that also doubles as  a guest book! Save a all the memories with this open air photo booth that take photos, gifs, and videos! Can also be used for personal video messages!


rentals begin at

photo & film


what's included

We've all be there - to the wedding  where the musical vibes were just trash. 

music production &
vibe Curation

vibes begin

the process of collaboration

No ghosting here! I will send a sneak peak of the greatest love story ever told (yours) within 72 hours. A final gallery will be sent within 3-5 weeks from your event date!

The Morning After


So, we're in love! Let's make it official. Once we decide what we want life to be like, we'll lock in the date with a signed contract and $2500 non-refundable retainer. From there, we create our dream of an ideal shot list and timeline for the most epic day!

Going Steady


Let's get to know each other! We'll jump on a call / Skype, FaceTime (however you prefer to communicate) and we will dream and scheme about love and marriage. I spill my heart out and you tell me what you're looking for in this long term relationship. Then we'll create a custom life made just for us!

Our First Date


Hoover to reveal

Well, you've made it this far, so make the first move! Fill out my contact form and let's get this party started!

Love at first sight


Once we've laughed, cried, and relived the greatest day in your online gallery, we'll design a wedding album for you to have and to hold for all eternity. 
Real love never dies.

Let's Be Infinite.


I sure do! It is a $2500 retainer to lock in your date and then the balance can be paid in monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly increments. Or you can pay the balance in one large lump sum! Your balance must be paid 30 days prior to your event. All my wedding packages are customizable, so let’s chat about what works best for you!

Do you offer payment plans?

A lot quicker than most! My turn around time for engagements + couples shoots are 1-2 weeks and my turn around time for weddings are 3-5 weeks!

what is your turn around time?

So, the things about being a Gemini lol… is that, that duality is so real. I love color, but I love a monochromatic moment. As long as there is love, color, gender, race, sexual orientation, it means nothing to me. I love it all the same. 

My wedding isn't going to be full of color, are you going to be sad?

Yes! Absolutely! We can add an exclusivity clause to your contract, which basically means we will not use your wedding images to help market our work to the public. With an exclusivity clause, we charge a ‘loss of income’ fee of 50% of your total package. Please, contact our team directly for more info.

Can we keep our images private?

All images will be delivered in an online gallery for you to download and share! You have full print rights to your images, and I made it easy for you! If you would like to purchase prints, you can do so directly through your gallery page!

how will i receive my files?

I love you, no. 

Can I have the rAWS or unedited images?

Bestie, I got you. I don't actually believe in awkward. I believe that you just haven't had the real, raw, beautiful, truest version of yourself captured yet. All that to say, as an ex model and magazine photographer, (and all around good fucking time) Honey, I got you. Awkward is the new chic.

we are painfully awkward, SOS!

Suzy + Kevin

Erica is awesome. She quickly picked up on the vibes for our wedding and she delivered! Glam. Color. Fun. What I loved about the way she worked was she knew how to say the right things to get you to pose in the best way. She keeps everything very lively and could keep us laughing and grooving.

Something that I loved was that she also knew how to direct a crowd (or a table full of people or your family in photos) to get into the mood as well. We really wanted everything to feel very natural and not posed, captured in the moment, and she really did that. She also was just magic at working with the lighting of the day and capturing both the details of the colors of the flowers to the beading of my dress.

From a communication POV, she was quick to answer any questions and spent a good time talking on the phone to lay out the whole vibe and what we were looking for.

Hire her for your job if you are looking for someone both fun to work with, and who captures the joy of your event.

"She Truly Is A Gem And Is Incredible At What She Does"

Evan & Gabrielle

Book SoCal Standard!! What started out as an Instagram follower (for her love of color, aesthetic, and style), turned into our dream wedding photographer. Erica really made the entire wedding party and family at ease and they had a lot of fun during photos. Erica is not just a basic wedding photographer that takes the same basic photos over and over. Erica captures raw emotions and has great attention to detail. She brings the color, the fun, the energy. I was really feeling myself that day! Everything from the poses, atmosphere, and colors/editing. Erica does it all!! You need someone like Erica who is easy going, but also timely and organized. You just let her do her thing and she'll deliver! We love her so much <3

"ou just let her do her thing and she'll deliver!"

Steph & Carlos

Erica! Understands the assignment and goes above all the visions I have! She make you feel so comfortable and secure! She knows the vibes and the mood! Also, her editing skills are in another level! She ceases to amaze me on every photoshoot. She’s been my family, wedding, maternity photographer etc. Just know that she never disappoints. She’s worth it! And I would recommend her time and time again. Because she's truly another energy, that we all need at our photoshoots or anywhere in life in general.

"she's truly another energy"








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SoCal Standard is a San Diego + Baja California Mexico based wedding photographer and videographer creating emotive imagery with an editorial flare.


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