After some time (dependig on your project) I will deliver the final images of perfected glory for you to cry over again and again and again!

you relive the magic all over again


While you're still on your cloud9 high, I slip away in to my magic cave and send some sneakies to you within a couple days. Mostly to distract you while I take time to make sure your entire gallery is perfect.

the waiting game


I'll be the creeper catching candids, the boss bish directing and calling all the shots, the stylist making sure details are *chefs kiss*, the hype woman and the photojournalist telling the story.

you live your dreams,
i make the magic


Once we have a signed contract and deposit ready, you're all set!

sign the contract,
drop the benjamins


I'm a big dreamer and lowkey a magician so I'd love to hear what your perfect day might look like and how I can make that a reality!

we dream and scheme about your perfect day


Before I can make the magic, let's make sure I'm available first haha. I only take 15 weddings a year so holla at me while you can!

contact for availability

(If You Didn't Sing, We Can't Be Friends)
but this is how i get down.

Let me begin this paragraph with the biggest, THANK YOU. It's only because of y'all that I get the honor and privilege of calling photojournalism my career. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
I have learned that photos hold so much more weight than we realize. Yes, they are beautifully epic moments frozen in time, but they are also emotions that you get to experience all over again. The joy you get in looking over photos from the day you married your favorite person. The empowerment that comes from looking at your boudoir photos. The sheer pride of seeing your business grow. Photos hold power and as a photographer, I don't take that role lightly.
It is my honor to create photos that will inspire you and remind you of your brightest days. I want you to smile every time you look at your photos and think, “Damn, what a life.”You deserve these memories to cherish, laugh at, cry over, and pass down for generations. It's a pretty big job, but that's why I think it's worth the investment. If my images make you feel something, I would love to be your photographer.

So let’s talk about the Benjamins. I offer a straightforward, no drama, no hidden fees or BS approach to pricing. I’ve designed packages to fit most needs, but if you want something custom, don’t let the price tag deter you! Let’s create something together and make those memories amazing.

For all brands
corporate, creative, and commercial

With my background being in Marketing I have to humble brag, branding is kind of my jam. My specialties lie in content curation, styling, lifestyle photography, product photography and look book creations. So if you're ready to level up and make your brand more relatable, let's do it. 

pricing begins at $999

PARTY ON THE DANCE FLOOR! Or ya know, not, because... COVID. It might look a little different these days but nonetheless, I'll be there to make it epic! That is why I've created a few custom package options and a NO BS pricing structure to make sure we can create something magical together. Most of my weddings look a little something like this:

coverage begins
 at $777/hr

weddings FOR ALL

Anything and everything related to portraits, maternity sessions, boudoir, lifestyle and more! Basically, if your shoot involves being any type of extra or eclectic, I'm in. Let's get bougie. 

bougie ish
Begins at $444

bougie types

Not the traditional way most wedding photographers get started. I didn't "grow up with a camera in my hand" lol. I grew up creative with no idea how to use that as a profession. I got my bachelors in Marketing because it was the one job that let me be both professional and creative with purpose. After I graduated, I scored this super dope job at an Ad Agency in LA creating social media ads for a bunch of big name companies. The only problem was, the companies would give me stock photos to use for the ads, uhhh boring, much? I asked for new photos, but the companies didn't have time. So I picked up a camera and started creating content for the ads. Brand content turned into headshots, headshots turned into couple photos, and couple photos turned into full weddings. Next thing I know, I'm quitting my full time job to be a wedding and branding photographer and haven't looked back since. That was 2015. SO needless to say, it's going really well.


I always hesitate with this question because I feel like it's so restrictive. Every couple and brand and project I photograph is completely different and I like it that way. But if you had to put my "style" into words, I would have to call it "a playfully editorial and journalistic take on timeless representation". I want you to feel the images I take, I'm not just photographing, I'm stopping time to remember how now made you feel. It photographic journalism with a fun editorial aesthetic.


There are rumors about golden hour being the best time to shoot, but if you've made it this far and love my work and the bold colors, those don't happen during golden hour. Give me that harsh light every day, it makes for better colors.


Yes, all images delivered are high res.

Print Rights are included in every package but are different that copyright. Copyright means you own the photo and can determine who else uses it (in the forms of publication). This is not included in your package but can be purchased separately. But Print Rights enables you to print small items such as cards and keepsakes and share via social media.

RAWS are very large, unedited photos. RAWs are not included in any package but can be purchased with the Copyright.


I sure do! You can purchase prints directly through the online gallery where I send you your images, it's super easy. And as far as albums go, I design those as well! We'll work together in picking your favorites and I'll layout the magic. You do not have to purchase prints or albums though me, although be warned, I cannot guarantee the same image quality when printed somewhere else.


Based in San Diego but you will definitely always find me in LA, Palm Springs, Big Sur, San Francisco, basically all up and down the California Coast and in Mexico. My passport is always ready so, LET'S GOOOOOO.


Not gonna lie, this is where that marketing background EXCELS. Don't worry boo, I got you. I have a Style Guide ready to assist you in looking your absolute best and I got the music, the bubbly, and the fun, non awkward posing and prompts for you to completely forget I'm taking your picture. Leave the magic to me, you're in good hands.


Covid is the literal worst so I'm doing my best to not add to the stress. In the event that your wedding is canceled because of state or county restrictions for COVID19, we can reschedule your event to a later date, easy peasy. In the event that I am no longer available for your new date, I will send an associate shooter to photograph your event AND schedule a separate bridal session with me so you can get the full SoCal Standard experience. Covid is not going to ruin this for us. Additionally, I and my associates will be abiding by COVID guidelines and wearing masks, keeping a 6 foot distance, and sanitizing our work stations. I ask that you please respect those guidelines as well.