From campaign development to content strategy and creative direction, including photography and film, we've got all your visual marketing needs covered.

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When you need a professional who can not only get the job done but also strategize and create a comprehensive game plan, ALTSTD is your go-to studio. Our team understands marketing in depth, drawing from extensive experience to offer more than just surface-level solutions. But we don't stop at marketing logistics - we're artists in our own right. We specialize in lifestyle, editorial, and commercial photo and film, transforming ordinary visuals into extraordinary narratives. Our unique blend of professional savvy and creative artistry enables us to craft a visual language that speaks to your audience, capturing their attention and driving engagement. Whether you're launching a new project or revamping your brand's image, ALTSTD is the creative powerhouse you need to bring your vision to life.

By Artists for Artists; 
by Professionals for Professionals.

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The Visual Vibe

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Our vibes are immaculate. 


We are incredible at what we do while also maintaining a standard of professionalism. 


We actually give a shit.


What Makes ALTSTD Different

Recognized and featured in over a hundred publications, showcasing our work and impact.


Our clients have generated  over $10 million dollars in revenue with our creative direction & strategy. 


Successfully partnering with over 75 brands and fellow creators, creating impactful campaigns and collabs.


A thriving community of over a million dedicated followers who actively engage with and appreciate our content.


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Unapologetic Individuality

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No longer will your visuals feel mismatched or misinterpreted. We ensure your message is clearly and effectively conveyed, embodying your unique energy. We provide a comprehensive evolution or continuation of your visual identity, ensuring it aligns with the vibes you aim to project to the world.

When you're ready to do it right, you call us. No more half-assed photoshoots that didn't get your message across and didn't encompass who you are. The Visual Vibe is the creation, evolution, and or continuation of the energy you want to put out in to the world.  Finally, visuals to match your vibes. 

The Visual Vibe

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Connection provides a significant transformation in your visual representation, ensuring that your unique energy and message are effectively embodied and communicated. This transformation includes fostering partnerships, mentorships, and collaborations, all aimed at enhancing, educating, and supporting your business.

All the ships - partnerships, mentorships, collaborator-ships (yes we made this up) if it involves doing business, helping business, educating about business or just minding your business, let's connect. 


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Streamline every aspect of your life, with organization. We’ve created systems and templates that simply make everything easier.

Ever believe in something so much that you get certified in it and tell all your friends about it because it literally made every aspect of living, existing, and business operating that much easier?! That's us and Notion. Thank me later. 


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First things first, say hello! Reach out and tell us all about you,  your vision, your passions; we want to get all up in your business! Also, we need to sync calendars. production season is a real thing and our availability is limited. 

Step One: Let's Chat

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Here's where we set the foundation for what your needs are, what we're going to create, how we're going to create it, assets, deliverable, etc. And yes, all of this is made in Notion because we're crazy and Notion fixes all the problems. 

Step Two: Collaborate

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You can sit back and relax because this is where the magic is made! We shoot, we create, we celebrate the birth of your official marketing vibe! Want to keep us on forever? Let's do it! We'll create and launch visual campaigns for as long as you're in business! 

Step Three: Create

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Lovesick Chapel


Hinar Cafe




A few incredible brands we have the honor and privilege to be partners with. 

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kind words from our clients

— Angi, Lovesick Chapel

She was fun as hell to collaborate with! Erica’s enthusiasm for her artistry, ability at “getting the shot” and also nailing our concept for socials and website is nothing short of amazing!! SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE’S DOING!!

Not only is Erica a skilled photographer, but she also brings a level of professionalism and passion to her work that is truly inspiring. 


— The Kurds, Hinar Cafe

I highly recommend Erica to anyone in search of a photographer, content creator, visionary and all around good time who can bring their vision to life in the most stunning way possible. Thank you, Erica, for your incredible work cannot wait to create more with you!!

Thank you, Erica, for your incredible work cannot wait to create more with you!!


— Les, Spellman Performance

She really is magic. There's no other way to encompass her or what she does. It's just who she is & I can't express how grateful we are to just have her eye and brain create art and organization out of what we felt like was chaos in our marketing. Thank you will never be enough. Alternative Standards is iconic. 

Alternative Standards is iconic.