"Because I am not who I was six months ago and I won't be who I am six months from now."

In this season of evolution and growth, I'm holding time as a precious value. I'm always working on something, always striving, but not taking the time to appreciate the process. The journey, as well as the destination, is beautiful and should be celebrated and remembered just as much, if not more. Because I am not who I was six months ago, and I won't be who I am six months from now. As babies grow and parents age, and as we achieve milestones and accomplishments, let's take time to celebrate. So cheers to the seasons and the collection of memories we made.


for all life's seasons

for the artists

for the legacy

portraits | family | maternity

 makers | musicians | designers

corporate & creative brands

A monthly membership to produce visual and digital assets for your upcoming social and promotional campaigns.

Creative photo, film, and content production for artistic minds.

Quarterly shoots aimed to capture and preserve life’s best seasons. 

memberships begin at


memberships begin at


memberships begin at


Up to 2 hour session

40 high res images

1 highlight video reel

 creative direction

Up to 3-hour session

creative direction 

photo & film

branded content

Up to 6-hour session

Location scouting

creative direction 

Photo & film

Creative Copyright

BTS Video

Branded Content

As a member, you will receive exclusive access to creative shoots, styled shoots, and mini-session dates before they are announced to the public. You will also receive a 20% discount on any other photo, video, or design services, as well as an annual complimentary print.


If you pause your membership, you forfeit the shoot for that quarter. If you decide to cancel your membership entirely, you forfeit any remaining shoots and membership perks. Refunds will not be issued.

I am currently available for shoots in Southern California, Baja California, and New York City. Shoots outside of these locations will incur a travel fee.

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I'm excited to launch these memories but I'm more so thankful that we get to share all of life together. Thanks for the memories. 


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