I know, I can't always be there to photograph your dope life, it sucks, but now! You can have a little of my magic at your fingertips! I went a little crazy with these presets because I really wanted to make sure there was something for everyone: for my fellow creatives, my wedding industry peeps, my florists, my makers, my mamas chasing down their kids, everybody!

finally! clean presets for the every day creative

mobile presets for the lr app

Preset Pack Includes:

(like i said, i went wild)



01. beach

02. beauty

03. body

04. clean

05. cool kids

06. florals

07. harsh light

08. indoor

09. indoor v2

10. landscape

12. magic

13. magic v2

14. moody

15. selfie

16. sunset

11. landscape pop

16 presets to make every day magic

beach | body | beauty | clean | 
cool kids | harsh light } floral | indoor |
indoor v2 | landscape | landscape v2 |
magic | magi v2 | moody | selfie | sunset


Most of the time, my presets are 1-click edits, but sometimes they need a little tweaking, here's how I tweak my presets to perfection! 

When it's a little dark
Bump the exposure up! Usually fixes it but if it still feels a little dark, increase the Shadows a bit. And to add that SoCal magic back to the image, add some Contrast to it! Boom! Magic.

When it feels too bright
Bring the exposure back to Zero and turn down the highlights!

When it feels too green
Green is a consequence of an image being too warm and too green (obviously) combat it by bumping the Tint to Magenta a little and if it still feels too green, cool the image down just a bit to the Blue side of the Temp slider

When you just want to be extra
Honestly I love sliding my Blacks to the dark side (it's not racist, I'm black lol) But I find that decreasing the Black slider really adds a perfect pop to the image.

Want the mobile presets? 
Hell yeah! Let's Get it! I'm dying to see what magic you make!