Boho while Black: Beach Maternity Session

Black Breastfeeding Week at the Beach

Ohhh i’t’s been a minute since I’ve been in the studio. But this modern chic maternity session was just what I needed to get that constricted creative flow back. You may recognize this gloriously stylish mama, she is the Nigerian blogger goddess known as Tutu.

When she reached out and said she wanted something clean, chic and modern to do her maternity session and family portraits with her husband Tim and son tiny Tim, we know a studio location was the right move. You guys, I cannot exaggerate enough how much this session GAVE ME LIFE. I was dead, and this resurrected me. The style, the couple, tiny freaking Tim?! Omg do you see how cute and excited this child is that he’s having a little sister?! And these suits?! I die. This shoot reminded me that location isn’t everything, connection is. And I freaking love this job.

Looking for a photographer to create a boldly modern look for your maternity shoot? Lookin no further, I got chu boo.

Modern Studio Maternity Session | Little Italy San Diego