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Quarantine Chronicles – Picnic Date Night San Diego

One silver lining of 2020: it really showed us how much romantic gestures can mean to our loved ones. Covid-19 tried its best to get date night cancelled, but clever couples found ways to keep their love alive with outdoor dates (one of the benefits of living in sunny So Cal!)

All this time outside got me thinking… why not create a fun, bougie quarantine date night for Style + Shoot? (…What? You haven’t heard about my new content creation photoshoot series? Get on it!) My wheels started turning about how to highlight a Covid-friendly date night option in an inspirational way.

The goal was to create a luxe picnic and drive-in movie date night, an inspirational photo set for quarantine boos. But San Diego’s drive-in theater is crowded, and not quite the vibe we had in mind… more 90’s grunge than bougie dream date. So we decided to create something from scratch!

We rented a classic Porche convertible to set the scene for our drive-in date night (cherry red, of course.) Natalie Blooms created a gorgeous floral garland to decorate the dash, and San Diego Picnics put together the prettiest picnic with boho rugs and pillows, candlelight, and champagne and dessert charcuterie (WHAT? Fully did not know this was a thing, but now I’m obsessed).

Setting up on the roof of the parking garage meant we had a glorious view of the San Diego skyline, and you know I’m not afraid of a little harsh light lovin’. Shooting in direct sun is my jam… there’s nothing like natural light. Plus, if you’re gonna rent a luxury car for a date, you gotta pick up your honey before the sunset so they can enjoy the ride. Classic cars are for daytime cruising.

This photoshoot had a few hiccups (hello: two cranky security guards, impromptu location changes, and quickly fading light.) But everyone — the models, stylists, florists, and guest photographers — was on their A-game and completely killed it, so we were able to capture some truly amazing images. So grateful and proud of the talented folks I get to make art with every damn day.

We ended the day with the sweetest luxury picnic at Seaport Village, adapting our setup to create a gorgeous date with a sunset view of the harbor. Such a romantic setting, and these adventurous souls made the evening magical.

We had to get flexible with this photoshoot, switching up the scenes at a moment’s notice. We didn’t even get around to setting up our movie projector… but honestly, could anything really light up as bright as Jas and Jonathan anyway?? It may not completely fit the drive-in date night creative brief, but that’s the beauty of these photos. Genuine emotion just radiating from these happy people enjoying their real life. Rebels who aren’t afraid to break the rules and have some fun. 

Want to join us for the next Style + Shoot? Expand your creative limits, and create some gorgeous content for your portfolio. Let’s go!

Florals: Natalie Blooms

Luxury Car Rental: 

Luxury picnic styling: San Diego Picnics

Dessert charcuterie: Amezola Catering Co.Models: Jas and Jonathan

Looking for a photographer for your next magical date night? Well, let’s get to it!








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